Q: What are your business hours? 

A: Monday-Friday. 9am-5pm CST. We are closed on all major holidays. 


Q: What are your processing times?

A:  -RTS (ready to ship) 1-5 business days

     -Pre-order 10-14 business days

     -DTF Print To Order 7-12 business days

     -Customs 4-9 business days


Q: I received an email stating my order was partially delivered. What does this mean?

A: When you pay for your order and purchase Shiptection, this generates an email stating your order is partially delivered, although we have not yet fulfilled your order. You will receive an additional email when the order is fulfilled and shipped. This will be 1-14 business days depending on what you order (i.e. pre-order, ready to ship, DTF print to order, etc.) 


Q: I ordered RTS items and pre-order items. It has been 1-5 days. Why haven't I received my order?

A: We do not split orders. If you purchase RTS items and any other items (pre-order, print-to-order DTF, customs) this extends the processing time up to 14 days. Refer to processing times above. 


Q: Can I edit my completed order and add additional items? 

A: No, unfortunately you cannot. Because we run sales and offer rewards, we cannot edit orders once they are placed. This causes errors in our inventory.